Wii Sparks More Hype Than Anticipated

WiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiOn Friday, October 13th, EBGames/Gamestop began accepting pre-orders for the Nintendo Wii. In a matter of minutes, they were no longer accepting pre-orders. The company issued a statement regarding the pre-order status of the Nintendo Wii, which can be read here.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I was not expecting the Wii to have such a high demand. Perhaps that was foolish, but with the recent success of the Playstation, and relative simultaneous release, I was expecting the demand for the PS3 to far outweigh the demand for the Nintendo Wii. Apparently, that was a poor assumption made on my part.

The sellers on Amazon marketplace have already starting selling their pre-orders of the Wii. As of this evening, there was one available from a price of $597.00. Is this going to turn into another supply shortage a la the PS2 several years ago? Hopefully not.

So, with options limited, if you did not have the foresight to pre-order, it is time to ask yourself the ultimate question: “Will I camp out for a console?” Who says yes, who says hell no, and who says we’ll see?


  1. Joystiq has some excellent coverage of the camp outs for the Wii all over the east coast, including several of the local Maryland game stores. So it appears it is already too late to ask yourself that particular question. As far as raw numbers go, you are spot on though, one could easily have predicted demand for the PS3 to be greater simply based upon the utter lack of supply being provided.

    Last week it was reported that most game stores were only going to have 4-5 PS3’s to pre-order, and that in fact, most game stores employ at least 4 employees who are smart enough to use amazon/ebay to secure their christmas finances. The Wii started at 10-15 pre-orders per store, and that total number is only a percentage of the first shipping that Nintendo has guaranteed. All Sony has guaranteed is reduced shipments, an apparently free online play.

  2. Yep, I may have to be doing a campout with you! Though when the PS2 launched and was sold out across the country, I walked into my local Target a few days after launch and was able to buy one. Maybe I can get lucky this time too.

    We don’t know that the Wii’s demand has outweighed the PS3’s demand, since they’re both sold out. I’m sure there are people with enough income to buy both too.

  3. It seems that camp outs for both systems are already passed and over unfortunately. Let’s also not forget who was at Target with you that day and prodding you to frivolously spend your monies!

  4. Not necessarily, there are a number of chains that aren’t doing pre-orders (I hear Best Buy is one) so that’s where I’d be camping out on launch day.

  5. Exactly. It is NOT to late to campout for a Wii, only to late for a pre-order. I am already planning a Best Buy camp out, most likely.

  6. Original Sultan says:

    Camping out for the Wii is definately a “hell no”. Of course, that’s true of camping out for any console, really. It’s just not worth the effort in most circumstances.

    Not that my words will actually persuade any of you to not camp out…

  7. joshx0rfz says:

    Does it have any super neato wowie games that are launching with it? Honestly people, don’t buy the first batch because that’s where all the defects come out and get fixed.

  8. But, but, but… Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    I’d say Zelda is super neato wowie enough, but the new Wario Ware also qualifies for me.

  9. Another chance to preorder on 10/29, at Toys ‘R’ Us:


    “$50 down-will begin as soon as BigBook hits your mailbox or newspaper-TRU will have between two and four days to preorder as many as they can- Most Rzone associates do not have this info yet…..Do not panic you will be able to get a Wii preorder. Apparently TRU will be the official launch partner for the Wii. Finally that Nintendo relationship will pay off!!! I can not say how I have this info but remember October 29th the day after the B2G1 Free sale ends. Also in case anyone missed it, B2G1 free will include ALL VIDEO GAMES!!!”

  10. Original Sultan says:

    Now a B2G1 Free sale, on the other hand, is a good deal…

  11. I plan on buying a Wii-mote, so who’s house can I crash at? I’ll buy you pizza.

  12. The Real Thing says:

    Everybody Loves Nintendo.

  13. 16 hours before the Toys R’ Us preorders open, I called the one closest to me. They said they were only getting 15, and there were already 30 people outside waiting to preorder.

    I bet anyone who opens their mail today, sees the advertising to preorder the Nintendo, then goes to a store is going to be mightily surprised!

  14. Hi All Experts,I need help…
    1. what kind of cables does the Wii come with?
    2. Is there a VGA-adapter coming out anytime soon?
    3. If i use the s-video cable, will the remote still sense the screen on which my projector projects the image onto?
    Cheers and thanks in advance.


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