Spike's Scream Awards

I have mixed feelings about Spike as a network. Yes, there are multiple networks for women, and none other than Spike specifically “for men” except, you know, ESPN, Fox News, Cinemax, and, well, most of tv. On the flip side, Spike has Star Trek and Blade. Hmmm.

All that aside, Spike has created their own awards show called the “Scream Awards.” This is probably the only televised awards show that gives awards to comics alongside awards for movies. The voting is open now, in an all-Flash site.

The category “Best Rack on the Rack” makes me bristle a bit, but I voted for Power Girl anyway.

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  1. Deciding between Lost and anything else was difficult, as was choosing between Batman Begins and King Kong, as I’d never really considered the two movies similar in any way nor compared them side-to-side (Batman won, simpy because I’ve watched it more often since it came out).

    Their selections for some of these awards, like best comic book artist/writer, seem obscenely arbitrary. Their inclusion of dead robin as redhood in the most shocking comic twist is just insulting, “Hey Jef Loeb did this a few months ago but it was a fake out, let’s do it for real and REALLY shock them!”, and obviously Power Girl is going to win the rack category, but I had to vote for the underdog Emma Frost (lest I be slain at home).

  2. Actually, I would have to go with Power Girl on the rack – I mean, there’s just no competition, unless Frank Cho is drawing someone. Besides, Emma’s boobs are fake. 😛

  3. Vote: Wasted!

  4. that’s what you get for trying to suck up to your wife.