Neon Genesis Evangelion OVA?

According to ICV2, Gainax is in the works to produce four movies to completely retell the Evangelion story, but in a much simpler way. The move is designed to make the acclaimed series more “accessible” to new viewers (and presumably, viewers who were totally bewildered the first time around.)

From the Article: “This “remake” will feature all new animation and will eschew some of the more esoteric techniques used in the original series such as the interspersing and scattering of difficult words and text phrases in the animation.

No more crazy crayon animations, I guess.

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  1. I liked it the way it was the first time, but maybe this will be good, too.

  2. I concur exactly with Elena, at least if it’s not good or they mess something up, we still have the original!

  3. Original Sultan says:

    Evangelion was a fairly good series. But the movie, like many end-of-series anime movies, was WAAAY over the top. I watched it without watching the whole series, and was totally lost. Then I watched the series, followed by the movie a second time (so I knew what was coming). Still got totally lost.

    I know they want it to be dramatic and meaningful and powerful and stuff, but geez, can’t an anime series end without going crazy in the final movie?!


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