Emerald Archer Comes to Smallville

greenarrowtvg-1.jpgEven though I’m a huge DC comics geek, I don’t watch Smallville. I watched it during its early years, and got turned off by the “freak of the week” phoenomenon, and over the top use of Superman’s mythos (it doesn’t seem like they’ll leave anything for him to do when he actually grows up!)

This season, however, I think I will be watching. Green Arrow is going to be a recurring character all this season, and he’s going to try to form the Jutice League. I have caught all the previous episodes with DC cameo characters (The Flash episode was particularly well done, and the concept of Lois Lane falling for Aquaman was just funny.) but Oliver Queen is going to be around for at least 7 episodes. (Little does Clark Kent realize that one day he’ll have to cut off Green Arrow’s arm, and he’ll pay him back by hitting with agreenarrowtvg-2.jpg kryptonite arrow. Mwahahaha.)

We’ll see if they do him “right” by making him a super bleeding heart liberal, and give him some dialogue with flair. The purist in me doesn’t like swapping his mask for some Ray-bans, but the outfit looks pretty good to me. Why couldn’t they have done a Green Arrow series instead of making the terrible Aquaman pilot? (It’s even the same actor!)
(thanks to Kryptonsite for the scans)

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  1. I read about this in Wizard a few days ago (first one i’d bought in over a year), and knew you’d love it. I’m not sure how I feel about the modernization of the costume, it makes a perfect sense for a crazy liberal bowman to be dressed up like old-school robinhood to me.

    Must be what kids want these days, I just hope to god he doesn’t use a (edit) COMPOUND bow. Green Arrow is a lot of things, but he’s sure as hell not a pussy.

  2. They have posted an image of him using a bow:

    But I can’t tell the difference in site between bows. I need to work on that to be a true GA fan!

  3. Let’s just hope there’s a Speedy AIDs and a Speedy heroin angle in the course of those seven episodes.

  4. I fixed my above comment, stating that I hope he does not use a Compound bow (they have pulleys and Ollie definitely doesn’t use one). Unfortunately it looks like this kid does use one, making him a paltry (or just weak and young) Green Arrow.

    The Game: Image – FAILURE!