Balticon XL

Balticon 40Just like the other XL event of the year (the Superbowl for those of you who do not know that something called “football” exists), Balticon has now come to an end. I hope everyone in attendance was able to find something that interested them and had a good time.

Please use this thread to share any of the Balticon experiences that you would like to share, both Critical-hits staffers, and new visitors to the site. If you are new to our site, feel welcome to sign up for a reader’s subscription account and post a comment of your own! The staff here at Critical-hits will gladly respond to anything you might have to say. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a reader’s subscription, post a comment, and check back often!


  1. And to those of you who picked up our advertisements: sorry, they’re not bumper stickers. But they are bookmarks, suitable for larger books like Trade Paperbacks, Pamphlet-style comics, and Player’s Handbooks. We’ll also try to have new handouts for stores and a new promo for conventions we go to.

  2. Elena99 says:

    I missed going to Balticon this year (as well as Rich), so I’d love to hear Balticon stories.

  3. You will have to ask The O about any stories involving myself, as I would have been too drunk to remember. However, he had at least one good story… possibly two.

    The best thing that I saw was that Justin moved up in the world. Rather than hitting on “18 year old girls,” he was chatting it up with older women (or, if you are Justin, MILFS).