Movie Review: Mission Impossible III

IIITom Cruise is at it again in another blockbuster film. From a bartender in Cocktails, a pilot in Top Gun and a NASCAR driver in Days of Thunder, Tom Cruise has always prided himself as a versitile actor. The first segment of Mission Impossible was very entertaining, which was followed by a poor Matrix rip-off in Mission Impossible II. Now, it is the post “I’m married to Katie Holmes” era. How would America’s beloved Scientologist stack up in the next installment?

This movie puts Cruise (or Ethan Hunt, but lets just face it – Tom Cruise plays one character… Tom Cruise) in a mission to save another IMF agent. Things go awry while on the adventure, and before you know it Cruise is once again taking on the whole world with a team of three other agents.

While the plot is often predictable and not all the unique, the action and suspense sequences in this movie are down right entertaining. If you want a movie featuring helicopter fights, base jumping, fulcrums, and Cruise hanging out of moving vehicles, then this is the film for you. As I mentioned before, it’s still just another Tom Cruise flick, but it seems like the movie is designed in a way to just see what Tom Cruise can do.

I, like many movie-goers, am sick of Tom Cruise. I’m tired of him playing one character, tired of his Scientology ramblings, and extremely tired of his stupid looking smile. Fortunately, the patent Cruise Smile only ruins one scene in this movie (unlike every other scene in War of the Worlds). Still, if you can get past the factor of Tom, this movie is entertaining.

Where this movie lacks, it makes up for in enjoyment. If you are looking for a deep movie that fascinates your every sense then this is not the movie for you. But, if you are like me, and enjoy a good stunt (or 10), you will like MI: III. Since I like to judge movies primarily on the entertainment factor, it gets a 7.0 out of 10.


  1. I’m refusing to spend any money towards this movie because I want Tom Cruise to shut his big fat stupid mouth about his big fat stupid religion.

  2. America’s most beloved Scientologist:

    Sort of like having a favorite cancer.