Elder Scrolls IV Now Gold!

According to Gamespot, Oblivion has finally gone gold!

I think I speak for everyone everywhere (well, everyone who isn’t a ninny) when I say: WOOOO!

Of course, we should wait for confirmation from a certain architect who works in the same building as Bethesda Softworks. But still… WOOOHOO!


  1. I’m on the case!!!

  2. You’re our inside source.. By the way, where have all the articles done? Is this now just a post clearing house?

  3. Desert Dwarf says:

    Call me a ninny, because if I wanted the massive world expeiences, i would have played an MMORPG…oh wait I do:)

  4. Massive world experiences without the douches and a-holes ruining the experience? I say heck yes!