Love Triangle of Stickiness

Every comicbook geek loves to scrutinize and scoff at information involving their favorite book’s adaptation into the realm of cinema, but since Batman Begins the hopes and dreams have become much more rich and hopeful for the future. While X-Men 3 practically dangles on a thread, nightcrawler-less, it seems that another franchise may be taking flight toward brilliance. While the first Spiderman movie was overall well done, and certainly very satisfying to have finally seen completed, the second film fell slightly short of greatness, but it still managed to cling to good quality that didn’t allow it to fall into the realm of bad movies. Soon, the third Spiderman movie will be upon us.

SuperHeroHype has posted pictures from the Tonight Show with Bryce Dallas Howard as the special guest, primed for her appearance as Gwen Stacy. While it is easy to question the inclusion of another love interest in the third movie, let us not doubt the utter hotness that she has become for this role. She looks the part, she can act quite well despite a lackluster script/plot, and she’s damn hot too. Perhaps this is a simple ploy to pump us up in preparation for the pictures of Topher Grace as Venom, assuming he will be playing that role, where it seems I am one of the few supporters of his casting in that role. I’d rather not see Vin Diesel or Jean Claude Van Damme playing Eddie Brock. Nonetheless, gawk at the lovely visage of Gwen Stacy and decide: Would -you- stay with Kirsten Dunst?


  1. Man, seems like we can’t agree on anything…

    I saw that picture, and it may just be how she happened to be looking on the Tonight Show, but I immediatly thought “Wow, Gwen Stacy is old enough to be Peter Parker’s mom”

    Another interesting rumor circulating is that the lady signed to play “Sandman’s Wife” is actually going to be the Black Cat. It seems a bit far-fetched since they’re introducing enough mythology as it is, but who knows? Maybe Sam Raimi wants to go out with a big geekish bang.

  2. Are you trying to say I like old women? Cause I do, but how you came by this information I do not know.

  3. Maybe they’ll try to slow burn things for once, what if the Black Cat gets introduced as a non-spandex character first? I mean if her husband gets wasted by Spidey, and she likes Peter, you have instant plot for movie 4.

  4. Kind of similar to how they’ve had Dr. Conners introduced through the first two movies, and can easily put the Lizard in there whenever they like? It’s a good idea! Now we just need to see if they come through with that or not.

  5. DarthCthulhu says:

    > Nonetheless, gawk at the lovely visage of Gwen Stacy and decide: Would -you- stay with Kirsten Dunst?

    I’m not a picky man. I wouldn’t toss either out of bed.

    I’m so lonely. Somebody love me!

  6. I prefer Kirsten Dunst, myself. How can you get cuter than Dunst? Well, with the exception of Alyson Hannigan.

  7. If it were solid cuteness I were after, I’d be in bed with DarthCthulhu and no one else. That’s a certainty.