D&D is REAL! This comic strip says so!

I’m a Roman Catholic and I find this to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. I am more amused by the stupidity of the author/characters than anything else.

Want to see what is so stupid? Click here!


  1. A total classic. I must be doing something wrong, because in my 20-odd years of playing, no woman has offered me the chance to learn “real” magic.

    For some extra goodness, there’s
    Uncle Bear’s Annotated Dark Dungeons:
    The Escapist’s Page on it:

  2. DarthCthulhu says:

    I know your problem, Dave.

    Clearly you are not a blonde chick in pigtails. Only they can wield the mysterious forces of Real Magic from D&D.

    Also, the Annotated Dark Dungeons appears to have dissapeared. Since it’s from May 1999 and Uncle Bear’s archives go from April 1995 jumping to March 2003 with nothing of the invervening years, I’m going to guess the thing has been lost to antiquity.

  3. DarthCthulhu says:

    Addenum: Also, my favorite part of the Chick Tract is the incredibly greasy looking preacher. Seriously, the guy looks like a used car salesman who’s been dipped in hair grease during a filming of The Price is Right.

  4. joshx0rfz says:

    This is a joke? Right?

  5. Hah… That DMs is stupid… most DMs usually do whatever they can to let a character live. and cant they just get her raised? Man… that’s actually quite funny that someone interprets it that way. On a serious not though, a guy did commit suicide when his character died. People inevitably blamed D&D. But then it was found out that he only did it because he was going to do it before and playing D&D with his friends was the only thing that gave him a couple more years to live. Was the suicide sad? yes. But it happened because of ignerence not D&D. The people blame D&D are just those who cant bare to take the responsibility. Just like those who blame video games and TV. “http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20051012” (CAD)

  6. Lol…this can’t be real…

  7. What happened in the comic was not real, but that Jack Chick put out that comic to try to convince others that D&D was evil is very real, and very sad.

  8. dear god this is redicoulas.

  9. D&D is obviously the problem here.

    If only they allow access to Raise Dead for cleric level 8 instead of cleric level 9, the entire scenario would have changed. As such, it is definitely the systems fault. 😛

  10. cake_dragon says:

    I’ve been playing AD&D for around 10 years now and this comic is about as far from the truth as anything. There is obviously tons of speculation when suicide or murder cases have D&D thrown into the mix but in order for someone to kill someone else there’s got to be some preexisting tendency for being violent. Plus, I’m a Wiccan and that DM has totally forgotten the goals of the practice. “An it harm none, Do what ye will.”