Please Choose your Race.

There is a rather humorous image accompanying this article: Racism in WoW

This goes along with my article about players killing the spirit of gaming, but this sheds light on both sides of the argument. The largest problem with this article is, however, that most Chinese people play on certain servers where there are larger groups of Chinese players. The ones that play on any server, especially the big-time American servers that have bloated, money-sweating gamers who want nothing more then to support the Chinese economy, are the Gold Farmers and they contribute to the rampant xenophobia (or is it xenomosity?) that causes the entire Chinese population of game players (99% of china) to suffer from being called a Gold Farmer.

Oh yea, and if you’re on an American server and your english sucks people are going to hate you anyway, even if you were born in the middle of New York, at a baseball game, while your mom was eating apple pie. Stay tuned for part 2 of my article, which will delve into the wonderful world outside of the magical-box-o-computing-goodness.


  1. One of my game design textbooks (yes, I have multiple) republished this excellent essay about racism in a video game:

    And it has a happy ending, as good defeats evil. 🙂

  2. That essay was not about racism in a video game, it involved racism, but it was much more a simple story about good vs. evil in a metaphoric sense involving rules and rule-breakers.

    Nice link nonetheless, thanks!