The Ultimate Showdown

This came to my attention late last week, and I have quickly grown quite fond of recalling it throughout my day.

It is a large shockwave-flash animation, to a song that I can only assume some unknown band made up a year ago that only a select group of the internet elite have ever heard. However, I tell you this, they should have their own country. A country where they can live, and grow wonderful fruits, and create spectacularly hilarious music every minute of every freaking day. Fortunately, somone made a just as funny flash-movie to accompany the song, and thus was the marriage of funny and funny that spawns massive internet circulation that shall surely lead abosultely nowhere other then internet obfuscation. Merrily do I say unto you dudes, enjoy.


  1. har har har yesh, yesh, I got a link to this’n only last night from Granpa K. hilarious. will it be the next “all your base?” 30esque crackers drunkenly serenading it on down tha street?

  2. Link fixed.

    I like the idea of a Chuck Norris Ex Machina.


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