Inquisition of the Week: Small World

This week’s inquisition has more to do with a late article by myself. After snowmageddon and snowpocalypse hit the east coast, I found myself playing a great deal of video games. I had a good bit of down time and so did all my friends. We were all stuck in our respective houses and still wanted to hang out with one another. This isn’t exactly a new thing to me but it did get me a bit nostalgic for the times when my friends and I really could hang out all the time and play games of various types for long stretches of time.

Why “District 9” is Better Than “Avatar”

I realized that District 9 shared quite a few ideas with Avatar and was curious as to why I favored one over the other. I decided to try and break it down. This article isn’t really meant to be a review but more of an analysis of the differences between these two very important movies.

Review: Fable 2

So, first let me start off saying I really enjoyed the first Fable. The game had a number of flaws but it was still fun. It was so easy that a friend of mine decided for a challenge he’d play through without leveling up, naked, wielding only a stick. He managed to almost beat it […]

Little Big Planet’s Delay Has a Fortunate Side Effect

I don’t even have a PS3 but I heard the news (via kotaku, joystiq, slashdot, and every other gaming publication) about Little Big Planet‘s delay. What was strange was the reason – for a song. I’m not going to bother getting into the silliness of the whole thing but it has spawned a side effect […]

Review: Braid

In short: Braid is an excellent game. It successfully integrates all aspects of game making into one cohesive unit with a mature theme. Even with the $15 price tag, it is worth downloading. I read a bit about a game called Braid on Penny Arcade the other day. I tend to agree with Tycho about […]

Review: Alone in the Dark

So about a week and a half ago The Game received a review copy of Alone In the Dark, a somewhat new game from Atari and Eden Games released June 24th. A PS3 port is to come later, possibly September. The demo is being released pretty soon if not already. Alone in the Dark is […]

Stop Uwe Boll!

There is a petition going around to stop Uwe Boll from making any more movies. He claimed he would stop if one million people signed it – here it is – make your vote count! Link to article Courtesy /.

Chinese Fighting Three Stooges

At some points it’s only two, but at all times it is awesome. Linky linky

With God's Help – a short movie

If you want to see a good portion of the crit-hits staff in a short movie (done for the Assassin’s Creed contest) then head on over to this link to give it a look see. Feedback is welcome. (embedded after the jump –editor)

Gaming origami

While searching for origami instruction I found this nifty website with all sorts of fantasy inspired origami pieces. Ever wanted to see an origami beholder? Click here!